Watch and Listen: Rebecca Loebe on The Voice

I'm not ready to formally right up The Voice. I want to see where the show goes before I commit to a review or even (gasp) a recap. I will say, if it brings us more singers like Rebecca Loebe, I'm all for it.

Sweet zombie Jesus. Someone sang Nirvana on a karaoke contest. Someone sang Nirvana on a karaoke contest and actually managed to do something new with it. And she had a good voice and great presentation.

For reference, he's the original Nirvana recording of "Come As You Are."

If you saw the full video of Rebecca's audition, you'd see she led in with a sob story, which I hate. She's homeless. She's living in her car. She plays dive bars and barely skates by. The difference is attitude. Rebecca did not ask for our sympathy. She did not show up and expect preferential treatment because of her hardships. Shoot, she even joked about it. Her smile did not leave her face until she was done singing, and then she went right back to being a positive and enthusiastic person.

Now would someone give this girl some Bjork or Tori Amos to sing on this show?