Watch: Game of Thrones by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens

It appears I may have posted my Lindsey Stirling tribute a day too soon. Yesterday, a new video emerged from the ether of the Internet that kind of proved my argument. Lindsey Stirling is a violin player working off of the pop culture idiom. The new video is the Game of Thrones theme. It reconnects Stirling with her Skyrim theme partner Peter Hollens for another One Voice, One Violin video. The arrangement is fantastic and the layering of tracks comes across as powerful and believable.

This is what playing with music should be like, people. Team up with people who have a similar vision, pick a concept, make it as tight as can be, and release it for the world to enjoy.

Having access to beautiful shooting locations and a top notch film crew doesn't hurt.

Thoughts on the video? Share them below.

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