BRB G2G Hurricane Coming

Hey, have you heard about this huge hurricane about to hit the NorthEast of the US? Sure you have. You've seen the maps on every news station and website. This is my favorite map:

See that bright pink zone called NJ? That's where I live. See that bright pink zone over Manhattan? Yeah, I'm about 40 minutes from that. See the circle they're using to point out NYC? The left edge is spitting distance from my house. See how it's in the "this ain't good" color scheme of the map? Yeah.

Candid post time: my anxiety is kicking like nobody's business. The last time NJ was hit with a hurricane this bad was Hurricane Gloria, 26 years ago. Coincidentally, that's when I was born. The hospital was shaking, the roof was leaking, and it switched between main and reserve power over and over. I'm not good in rain to begin with. With the "OMG we're all going to die!" level of rhetoric from the news, I'm a nervous wreck.

I'm predicting I will lose power this weekend. That means a lot of the area lost power. That means my broke side of town isn't a priority when there are millionaires on the other side of town. That means I might not be back right away on Monday. We'll see how this goes. I'm not disappearing or quitting. I just might be MIA for a few days.

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