Fresh Ink Online is Offering Free Comics

Fresh Ink Online is's weekly web series about what is happening in the world of comic books. Blair Butler takes you through the most notable new releases in her local comic shop. It's a well-produced segment and Butler knows her stuff. Check out last week's video that includes the latest Walking Dead and G.I. Joe.

I have found so many interesting graphic novels and comic books to read because of this web series. Now G4TV is partnering with Graphicly, an computerized comic-viewing application, to make this search even easier. Each week, Fresh Ink Online will be posting one comic book that you can read online. That means that the comic that might not be available to you locally can be tried out before you commit to buying it.

Best of all, the comic is embed-able on any flashscript-reading site, like this one.

And just for laughs, here's an early video of what G4/TechTV used to have Blair Butler on staff doing.

Sigh. I miss the X-Play shtick era.

Any new comics worth it this week? Sound off.