Masters of Horror #1: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

Have you checked out my new blog project Remake the Blog yet? Now's a great day to start out. This once a week (updated on Tuesdays) blog will use one medium (like visual art, music, creative writing, or photography) to grapple with another entertainment/art medium (like a television series, a symphony, a novel, or a ballet). It's mixed media blogging. The first subject to lead us straight through Halloween is the Masters of Horror TV series. I did an introductory post last week and just uploaded the first episode response. I think this side project will be a lot of fun. Feel free to chime on in with your own ideas, suggestions for future themes comments on the subject, criticism of the art, or your own media creations. I'll be waiting.

A sample of what I'm talking about. The opening credits of Masters of Horror here:

turned into this. "Another Opening," mixed media on bristol board.

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