Migraine Friday

No, this isn't a new feature. It's an explanation of what's happening today. I have a migraine. It's one of the pervasive ones where it feels like nails are being driven through the back of my eyelids into my face. I tried to sleep it off for a few hours, but that only got rid of the lawnmower to the base of my skull sensation (temporarily; that pain is coming and going). If my head starts working again, I can get more substantial post up. I'm not holding my breath. I have a stack of arrangements to run through Finale for a theater job and an event I'm working tonight for a local charity. I can't skip out on either. But don't worry. I'm well stocked in case of emergency. I have icepacks, a battery of aspirin and other pain relievers, and--please no--instant espresso in case I need thirty minutes of work before I start throwing up.

Please to enjoy corgis on treadmills.

Follies "I'm Still Here"

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