New York Musical Festival 2011 just posted a great little video introducing five of the Next Link shows playing at this year's New York Musical Festival.

The Next Link Project allows musical theater writers to submit brand new shows for full productions at NYMF. The selected shows have their participation fees waived and receive assistance every step of the way in putting on a great show. Will all of these shows go on to have a healthy life outside of the festival? It's impossible to tell.

NYMF is averaging about two to three shows receiving big professional pushes nationwide from each festival year. That's not to say the other shows aren't doing anything. It can take years to get a musical just right.

What I do know for sure is that in four days, you can start catching productions of any of the thirty shows participating in the festival. Tickets are $25 each for full productions nothing is completely sold out yet. You can even catch certain concerts and dance shows for $15 or take in free readings, mixers, and events. It's a great way to catch some exciting new theater work for cheap. I, unfortunately, won't get to any of the productions this year because of my own theater work and Comic Con. Maybe someone will come through with an extra ticket for a weekend show for me. Maybe not. That shouldn't stop you if you're in the area from getting there.

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