Rock the Vote: MyndJack Radio Idol Top 10

Voting Link Here: otherrobert #1 Please. A video with my new mix will pop up tomorrow, maybe, if I get the time. Something funny went on with how my vocal was processed there. I just took an hour or so, remixed the audio, and added in the lyrics for this video. Closer to what I wanted, but not quite as polished as it could be. Thank you all for your help last week. Though rankings aren't fully released, I managed to avoid the bottom 3. Like I said, the difference between survival and elimination is disinterest. Just remember otherrobert when it's time to vote.

MyndJack Radio Idol is a parody American Idol competition. Contestants are encouraged to write and perform parodies of songs off a pre-screened list e-mailed out each week. Last week, I received good feedback for turning "Luck Be A Lady Tonight" from Guys & Dolls into an anthem for not quite ready for Drag Race performers everywhere. You can also just sing the songs with lots of enthusiasm and energy, but that's what the TV show is for.

This week's theme is...well...they're talking Nickelback, Creed, Train, and all that jazz. I will not be singing Nickelback, Creed, or Train (tonight), which I can only assume is an advantage in this contest. Not a Nickelback/Creed/Train-friendly group.

All I can say about my performance tonight is that somebody told me you might like it. Or you might not. I'm not psychic. I just came here for the cheesecake.

Tune into the show at 10PM EST at the All Digital Radio Network. I recommend using Shoutcast (bottom link). The full program starts at 9PM, but the MJRI contest usually fires up in the second hour. You can join us in the live play by play chat here.

I'll update after the performances end with the voting link. It's a preferential ballot and actually ranking the performers makes the difference between scoring well and scoring terribly by default.

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