Scream is Coming to the Small Screen

I'm a fan of the Scream series. I'm a fan of the concept of the Scream series. The original film is still shocking for its rule breaking. The second and third, however, aren't even as good as the fourth. The second one is just a remake of the first in college and the third one is an unlicensed remake of Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

Scream PosterMTV has decided that a $40million box office gross is enough to justify a Scream TV series. The idea is as under baked as it sounds. TV Line reports that we don't even known if Wes Craven or Kevin Williamson--the creators of the film series--are involved or not.

All we know is that a pair of former MTV executives are hunting down a writer for the pilot. My suggestion? Make it an anthology horror series.

MTV is actually doing well by teen-targeted horror right now. Death Valley was a solid horror/comedy/procedural hybrid. Teen Wolf has developed its own voice as an unofficial gender swapped Ginger Snaps show.

Whether you like it or not, the teen horror market is growing in part due to the Twilight series and shows like Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. The last two are long form stories with self-contained episodes. The shows are targeted at teens and even crossover to adults.

If MTV can find the right framing device in the Scream universe, this could easily be a new Freddy's Nightmares. What about all the bloggers and vloggers in the fourth movie? It could be true life horror from the teens of Woodsboro. There's no reason why the Ghostface killers are the only scary game in town.

We all had to start somewhere with our horror obsession. Why not give the new generation something to scream about?

Thoughts? Could this show work? How? Sound off in the comments.

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