Taboo Returns to London

Seeing Taboo was one of those theater experiences I will never forget. Though the crowd was already dwindling by the time I caught it, the attendees were very enthusiastic. Taboo is a show that has a strong identity and will attract the audience that wants to see it. This is not a big commercial property unless you can travel back in time and stage it when Boy George was the hot new thing in the music industry. Taboo in LondonPlaybill reports that a new production of Taboo, the story of Boy George's rise to fame out of the London club scene, will play a limited run this fall in London. From 7 September to 23 December, you have a chance to see Taboo as it was originally written. This production will use the original book--not the Charles Busch revisions--as well as Boy George's fantastic orchestrations. Christopher Renshaw also returns as director.

Even better is the size of the venue. The Brixton Club House is a small nightclub. The total capacity is limited to 1050 people and the largest room only holds 400.

Taboo is a musical about the 1980s British club kids. A small club is the perfect venue. The audience will feel like they're part of the action and Renshaw could easily incorporate some more interactive elements if he wanted to. With a small crowd in a small venue, you can have a lot more fun.

Now will someone please do the same thing with a small NYC club? Make it an event with pre-show music and it could be a successful short run this time around.

Thoughts on Taboo? I remember it being quite polarizing in NYC. Sound off below.

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