This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Lifetime Edition

I had fully intended on bringing back my photo-driven Project Runway recaps for the All Star season. Looks like that's not happening. Lifetime has decided not to put the full episodes online after they air on TV. It's a foolish decision. Project Runway All Stars Many people choose to consume their media online now. Cable or satellite subscriptions are passed over to use Hulu, Netflix, and show-specific sites. The network still gets money for the ads aired during streaming and the social media integration means more publicity and better live ratings

It's foolish not to offer episodes online at this point. People will still watch the show on TV. I watched the new Project Runway episode live last night. I took notes and was prepared to do a second viewing for screengrabs, quotations, and a second look at the fashion of the episode.

While not everyone writes about these shows, people do rewatch programs they like. Project Runway is one of those shows that blows up Twitter when Bravo, Style, or Lifetime does a marathon of a previous season. It's one of the few reality shows made well enough to sustain multiple viewings. There's so much detail going on in the designs that it's easy to miss out on a lot on one screening.

For the foolish decision not to stream the episodes online after they air, Project Runway recaps are suspended this season. That does make me sad. I had big plans for them with my new drawing tablet. I guess I can just roll those over to a show/network that cares about its viewers: RuPaul's Drag Race/Logo. You can watch all three previous seasons, all the bonus features, and even two seasons of the spin-off series RuPaul's Drag U at the Logo site whenever you want to.

What thoughts did I have about the first episode? I'm sad that my three favorite designers--Elisa, Sweet P, and Gordana--were the bottom 3. There were far worse looks on the runway last night and it seemed each wound up on the bottom for being one judge's absolute least favorite look. Elisa--who made a beautifully tailored swimsuit, cover shorts, and ethereal story-telling cover-up--was wrongfully sent home when standing next to Sweet P--who made a sack dress out of terrycloth rags.

Jerell, Kara, and Rami have grown tremendously from their first seasons. Jerell made the only outfit that could be manufactured and sold in any store around the country. Kara actually showed off the sportswear skills that made the vast majority of interviewed fashion experts assume she was the winner of Season 2 (she was the decoy in the top 4). And Rami learned to do structured pieces with all the detail he put into his unending cavalcade of Grecian draped dresses on his first season.

The judges actually focus on the fashion, not the wittiest quip. Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman are two of my favorite guest judges from Project Runway proper and Joana Coles slips into the Tim Gunn mentor role with great ease. This season, the designers voices are expected to be there. It comes down to who has the best understanding of editorial trends for the grand prize of being a guest editor of Marie Clare for one year.

Unfortunately, I will not be covering the rest of the season as Lifetime did not get their act together with their site. Shame. I'm sure I'll enjoy this season more than last.

Thoughts? Love to hear them.

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