Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Sketchy Details. The site has had a major face lift that I'm quite pleased with. Please note the new color scheme and content layout. All written posts are broken up into three categories: Views, News, and Reviews. Views are where you'll find deep critical analyses and recommendations, such as Werewolves and Sexual Awakening: A Deadly Attraction or the Play It series.

News is where you'll find breaking media stories and more detailed looks into stories of note, such as Reality Reflecting Criticism: Tropes vs Women in Video Games. This will also contain (for now) any breaking information on a project I'm directly involved in.

Reviews are the new home of both traditional reviews and recaps.

The newest edition to the site is the relocation of my collaborative webcomic project with artist Angela Kiger called Food Don't Go Stale In Space. In case you missed the launch last time, here's the pitch.

Food Don't Go Stale In Space is the story of three freelance artists working together to get by in the world. They have dreams of grandeur and unexpected abilities that throw their dream project, an interactive webzine for writing, music, and art, in constant delay and turmoil. Can the trio pull themselves together to make FDGSIS a success? Or will the project fall aside as outside interests overtake their chance publication?

It's a wacky gag-a-week/story arc hybrid that explores how we consume and create media. I still love it even though it got put on an extended hiatus for a variety of reasons. New comics are in production and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

However, this is where the site needs to be tweaked a bit. I've switched over to a webcomic-friendly theme called Inkblot that is bugging out in a few odd ways. I'm aware of the issues and working to fix them. The site needs to be reduced in width, but that also requires compressing all the comic files, designed to be 1000x300, to around 550x165. If the comic isn't legible, I'll have to actually recrop them into a vertical, rather than horiontal, layout that impacts some of the gags later on.

More comics will be coming in. I hope to restart the "My Week in Media" series that I toyed with a few months ago this Friday. There are also non-media driven comics that should be joining the site over the next few months on a rotating, issue driven schedule.

Then there's the original media page I didn't even create yet and the relocation of my online shop. More on those later.

Sketchy Details is in active beta in its new edition, if you will, and I couldn't be more excited to begin bringing you daily content again.

I'll be back this evening with a film review, for certain. Will it be Dark Knight Rises or something with a little more indie flair? I don't know. I haven't written it yet. We'll find out together after work today.

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