Life Lessons with RuPaul's Drag U: Season 2, Ep. 10 (Season Finale)

That's right, everyone. Last night was the season finale of RuPaul's Drag U. Like last year, RuPaul called in some favors for the season finale. Three celebrities from the 1980s--Jane Wiedlin, Stacey Q, and Downtown Julie Brown--are given a chance to get their groove back with the help of three of RuPaul's prized pupils. Where's Miss Tammie Brown when you need her? Oh. Being amazing in California, producing strange dance music, killing it in clubs, and walking with children through nature? Stay the course, then. The celebrities will be competing for $10000.03 for their charity of choice. Jane will be playing for PAWS (Pets Are Welcome Support), a charity that provides support animals to AIDS/HIV patients, senior citizens, and others suffering from chronic illnesses. Julie will be playing for PIH (Partners in Health), a charity that provides medical care and support to poor areas all over the world. Stacey will be playing for the Vajrayana Foundation, a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center.

The first thing we learn this week is that Jane Wiedlin is up for anything. When asked what iconic style of fashion she loves, Jane says fetish wear. This gets her and Morgan McMichaels all hot and bothered.

Pleasure and Pain, Like Hellraiser

Carmen learned an important lesson in 80's culture from Stacey Q. Carmen, I know you're younger than I am. That is not an excuse to not know what the bop is. Show her, Stacey.

Everybody Bop!

Lady Bunny is obviously going to read these ladies the riot act about their 80s tendencies in Lady Lessons, right?

No Rules!

Wrong. We're playing Lady Bunny's Favorite Things. As Morgan McMichaels said, "Celebrities need free [stuff]."

1980s Makeover Montage Time! Queue up "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper and play along.

1980s Fashion Makeover Montage!

Am I pretty yet, Mommy?

Yes you are, Jane. Just stunning.

Raven pops up again to teach you how to apply false lashes.

Raven False Eyelashes

She's done better.

The prophecy has been fulfilled.

Toni Basil is this week's guest choreography. She has a simple trick I haven't seen done before for a more rhythm related dance. She outfits each of the celebrities with a fringed belt and tells them:

Toni Basil says Move it!

How was that, Shannel?


And with that, we reach our final lesson of the season. It's been a blast doing these photo recaps. I think you could tell from the addition of two new recaps in the past two weeks. Project Runway recaps come on Friday and Death Valley recaps come on Tuesday. Stick around and have some fun.

So what did you think? Great season or greatest season? Sound off below. Shoot, give them your suggestions, too. RuPaul's people are constantly exploring the net, looking for fan suggestions for what to do on the shows. You could help shape future seasons of the show. And what's your favorite moment from the season? I know mine.

No, but seriously. Where is Tammie Brown? Bring her back, Ru, please? We all miss her.

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