Life Lessons with RuPaul's Drag U: Season 2, Ep. 2

Do I need to do an actual review of RuPaul's second reality show RuPaul's Drag U? It's as great as RuPaul's Drag Race, only it's a makeover show crossed with a game show. Three real women are teamed up with three former Drag Race contestants to be transformed into drag alter-egos assigned by RuPaul himself. This season, the show has a brand new tone that fits better with the concept. Costumes, wigs, make-up, accessories, and ample rehearsal space are provided. The girls do not receive a numerical score indicating how well did they in the final contest. The winner is simply announced after the judges discuss the performances. The legendary Lady Bunny's role has expanded from head judge to head instructor. Each week, Lady Bunny will teach the real women life skills based on their specific needs. The drag professors get to teach plenty of lessons as well, though they're usually lessons about corseting, walking in heels, stacking wigs, and throwing shade.

The biggest lesson the show has provided in its first two episodes is how to properly light a photo. It's advice everyone can use.

Find Your Light

Lady Bunny instructs us all that we need to find our light. How do we do that? You don't light from behind or above. "That makes you look like a serial killer." Just look what that does to poor Ongina.

Serial Killer Chic

Now look at what happens when Ongina is lit directly in front of her face.

Good Lighting: Right in Front

But most important of all, "Here's what we want to avoid. The underneath ghoulish lighting. Happy Halloween!"

Happy Halloween!

And that has been your Life Lesson with RuPaul's Drag U for the week. Use it wisely.

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