Life Lessons with RuPaul's Drag U: Season 2, Ep. 6

This week on Drag U, three women who were nominated by their loved ones who thought they needed a boost compete on the show. One runs a dog rescue, one was injured and no longer feels confident in her own body, and one just lost her adult son to cancer. These are women who deserve to feel good and RuPaul does what Rupaul does to make it happen. We get the much-awaited debut of Season 1 Drag Race champion Bebe Zahara Benet. She does not disappoint. She actually teaches us our first life lesson of the week. Don't get mad, just rawr.

I feel more calm already.

Lady Bunny teaches us all how to get into better shape.

That's right. We are treated to five brand new yoga positions inspired by celebrities.

Now that's a workout. I'm sweating already.

Channel teaches us how to use milk of magnesia to stay cool under pressure.

Apply a layer of milk of magnesia to your forehead before applying make-up to prevent sweating. Allegedly works anywhere you sweat.

RuPaul points out a lesson everyone can actually use. You can't live life hating yourself. You could be looking at a picture from yourself ten years from now and realize how stupid you were to get down on yourself. You are you and you need to be happy with that. As Gabourey Sidibe once said, you have to go to bed and wake up able to love yourself.

And just because it would not be a recap of a Mariah episode without some Mariah action, look how she was turning it.

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