Life Lessons with RuPaul's Drag U: Season 2, Ep. 7

This week on RuPaul's Drag U, three tired mothers are given the chance to revive their own identities through the life-affirming powers of drag. The women seem game for everything the show throws at them, which always makes for a fun episode. Can we talk about Pandora Boxx for a second? I don't want her to think I abandoned her because a shiny new toy came my way by the name of Mariah.

I have a feeling if Pandora Boxx did the costumes for Wonderland it would still be playing. Where's the tea party, Mad Hatter? Or is this your formal attire for the next royal wedding? Wit and glamour are a perfect match as always.

What's on the agenda for today's Lady Lesson, Lady Bunny?

Isn't that the concept of the whole show?

Oh. You meant spicing up the romance around the house. I know something got cut from this segment because there are usually a minimum of three steps to the Lady Lesson and this week only had two. What was too hot for primetime?

It wasn't vacuuming in a pair of heels and not much else.

And it wasn't wearing a wig to bed so your husband can cheat on you with you.

So what was it? Foodplay? Unusual places to make whoopie? How to actually snag the mailman by choice and not by coincidence?

Jujubee taught everyone how to ho it up for the night without a purse. It's not that funny and not very practical. Hiding your ID and money in your shoe? Why? So the bouncer can say you're already drunk if you fall over and deny you entrance into the club?

Overall, it's a silly episode that's fun to watch but a little light on message. That's ok. Sometimes the women on the show just need a couple days of silly fun to de-stress and reevaluate their lives. Ain't no shame in that.

There is a message, but it's also the theme of Drag U. That message is optimism. Life can only get better if you stay positive and keep moving toward your goals. It's a powerful message that's just put in the backseat compared to showcases these women as individuals. I think that's exactly what they needed.

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