Life Lessons with RuPaul's Drag U: Season 2, Ep. 8

On this very special episode of RuPaul's Drag U, three family members of drag professors compete for all the cash and prizes. They are Raven's mother, Manila Luzon's sister, and Jujubee's sister. That means that three of the most competent queens on the show are reduced to nervous jitters, unladylike behavior, and a whole lot of foolishness. I approve of this episode. So what lessons does this episode teach that anyone could use in their daily lives? Nothing, really. This is Drag 101 for people who have no idea what this stuff is. They tackle everything from "I thought doing drag meant you wanted to be a woman" to Miss Bunny teaching us about the basics of drag anatomy.

For example, Manila tells her sister that she needs much wider hips to balance her wider waistline.

Jujubee shows up proper placement of butt pads to disguise a more problematic waistline.

Raven teaches us budget breast padding techniques.

Here's the thing about this episode. If you choose to watch it, you're watching it to see these queens off of their game and just having some fun. They aren't nearly as calculating as usual. It's more of confessional reading (Raven said Jujubee's sister had a "lump roast" because she was overly padded) and sweet moments of family bonding. It's a great introductory episode to get into the feel of the show. These are three women who can just use a little boost and a few days of fun to unwind.

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