Ranking Project Runway: Season 9, Ep. 11

Head's up. Next week's Project Runway recap will also come on Monday. I'm at New York Comic Con from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon and won't get a chance to go at the show until Sunday night at the earliest. This one is late because I worked a gig all weekend long to pay some bills. This week on Project Runway, the designers are challenged to take inspiration from a bird. Technically, they were challenged to work in teams. Then they were challenged to take inspiration from a bird. Then they were challenged to compete against their former teammate. Then they were challenged to make a second look. Then they were challenged to scrap a look and only showcase one look on the runway. In other words, the contestants weren't bringing enough drama themselves so the producers decided to torture them for ratings.

As always, here are the top 5 moments from the episode, plus personal ranking and judges' commentary.

Pretty Birds

I'm a sucker for animal shots. Pretty birds are no exception. My one regret in this challenge is that the all white and the all black birds were selected by the magical button bag while the striking owl sat alone like the cheese.

Have I mentioned before that Kimberly has no poker face? It's important this episode.

Not Teams

The designers turn on each other as soon as they find out their teammate is their direct competition (except for one person).

I told you Kimberly had no poker face.


Oh, Kimberly. Where were you this season? Anya gave me rage face, Becky gave me all-knowing glances, Julie gave me eyes, and Joshua gave me actual rage. Your leap onto the table at the mention of a cockroach in NYC (come on, like you haven't seen one before) makes me wish there was a movie theater challenge. NYC movie theaters constantly have rats and I'd like to see how well you could balance on the back of movie theater seat if you saw one.


You know what's a bad sign? When Tim Gunn offers you a hug and tells you to stop thinking.

You know what's a good sign? That after nine seasons, Tim Gunn still cares enough about the show and its goals to support a designer this much on a bad day.

One Look?

In the final twist for this challenge that was nothing but an exercise in twists, Tim announces that designers are only sending one of their two looks down the runway. This is good news for everyone. It looks like (Anya aside) everyone has one questionable look and one solid look. Everyone can ditch the serious ugly and get to getting on the good garment for the runway.

My Ranking:

  1. Bert: I like the reveal of the colors underneath when it moves. Well-made and totally Bert.
  2. Anya: Great concept and styling. Construction issues.
  3. Viktor: Not a fan of the yellow feathers on the side. Monochromatic is quite clearly Viktor's thing.
  4. Joshua: It's an orange sack dress that's puckering a little on the side. Yawn.
  5. Kimberly: And she was worried about the nude chiffon being too vulgar? Holy undercarriage, Batman.
  6. Laura: What did you do? The puckering. Goodness me, the puckering on those pants. Make it stop.

Judge's Ranking:


  • Joshua
  • Kimberly

Winner: Anya


  • Laura
  • Viktor

Out: Bert

Did the judges make the right call? No . Of the bottom three, Laura is the only one who went 100% literal and had a poorly made garment. Viktor went literal and Bert--while well-made--had a kooky design, but Laura's was ugly and poorly made. If this challenge didn't guarantee one member from each team was in the bottom, Bert would have been safe.


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