Ranking Project Runway: Season 9, Ep. 7

This week, the designers are challenged to work in teams to create five piece collections. They are also challenged to design their own fabric to use for the collection. Yes, they combined the awful Season 1 giant team challenge with the sink or swim HP Design challenge. It's a black and white massacre. The only person who used color in their print--Bert--didn't even get considered for his team's mandatory fabric integration. Then they all had the nerve to add a pop color of candy apple red, blinding citrine, or gosh that's blue to hide their awful fabrics. Most important of all, I win my bet from last week. They started fighting before the fifteen minute mark, just like I predicted.

Here are the top 5 moments from the HP/Massive Team challenge, plus personal and judges' ranking.

Betsey Johnson!

Betsey Johnson

Is there a reality show about fashion Betsey Johnson won't show up to? She's done America's Next Top Model before and a few others if I'm remembering correctly. She's amazing. I love her. She's so much fun and she's very talented. Best of all, she always uses color. You hear that designers? Color is ok.

Watch Your Mouth

Watch Your #$*(ing Mouth, Bert!

Joshua comes out swinging in the first few minutes of the episode. After being forced onto a team with Becky and Bert by default, he wants to fight. He hates them both so much that he can't contain himself. Bert does his passive aggressive muttering and Joshua takes exception...to his use of the f word. Not the poisonous passive aggression. He's against cursing out of nowhere. It's a bad sign when the workroom suddenly feels bad for Bert.


Laura on the Go

To calm Joshua down, Laura agrees to go with him to film their runway backdrop video. The team agrees to design based on the theme of clocks. Clocks, by the way, is not a theme. It's an image. This comes into play later.

So, naturally, Joshua wants to film Laura wearing a ton of different shoes climbing out of taxi cabs. Oh, and eventually photograph some clocks to throw in. It's all about the shoes.

That's No Lady!

Pray for your Fashion

In a Project Runway first, Tim Gunn demands a group of designers hold hands and vow to not be complete idiots and self-eliminate themselves because of fighting.


It fails miserably as their team clearly loses, but it was worth a try.

Joshua Bamboozles the Judges

The judges want to talk about teamwork on a team challenge. Last time this happened, Joshua was willing to admit that he was a complete jerk to Becky. Not this time.


By being a belligerent fool on the runway, Joshua throws a tantrum until the judges eliminate the "work on a team" criteria from their final decision. This saddens me as the judges only hate one design. That design happens to be my favorite in the challenge.

Personal Ranking:

Ranking Episode 7

  1. Becky: Short skirt works. Citrine tank goes nicely with the cool jacket.
  2. Oliver: Jacket is awesome. Crop pants work.
  3. Anya: Graphic combo is awesome. Not a big fan of the sleeves.
  4. Bert: The angled zipper is very strange.
  5. Viktor: slit is too high, too much netting in the back
  6. Laura: Jumpsuit is odd with the keyhole in the back and the low waistline/belt.
  7. Joshua: Jacket is interesting, pants are busy, gears are distracting, blue doesn't go.
  8. Kimberly: The skirts is way too short, blouse is a bit too blocky.
  9. Anthony Ryan: painted print is odd, top is styled very country, skirt is too stiff.
  10. Bryce: Odd legs on the shorts, shirt is bizarre: bulky and short.

Team Win: Team Chaos

Judge's Ranking:

Top: Team Chaos

  • Oliver
  • Viktor

Winner: Anya

Anya Wins

Bottom: Team Nuts and Bolts

  • Bert
  • Joshua

Out: Becky

Becky's Out

I strongly disagree with the judges' decision because I loved Becky's outfit. However, as I pointed out last week, this early in the contest, horribly over-designed wacky unwearable clothes will trump safe and well-made clothes every time.

I also don't agree with the winner. Oliver finally delivers amazing tailoring and design and they give the win to Anya for mixing two different prints together on a simple dress. It's an odd choice even in the context of the editing. The show did not suggest Anya would win at all.

What did you think? Sound off in the comments.

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