Ranking Project Runway: Season 9, ep. 9

This week on Project Runway, the designers are challenged to design stage costumes for a rock band. They are split into two teams for the first ever Project Runway live concert event. Each team designs four costumes--one for each band member. It's an interesting challenge that yields boring and dated results. As always, here are the Top 5 Moments from this week's episode.

A Grand Unveiling

Design for Nobodies

In a genuinely bold move, Rolling Stone partnered up with Project Runway to do a cover shoot for a completely unsigned band. This is insanity. Signed artists still bomb miserably when they get that cover. There is no guarantee that this band will do anything or even last long enough to be signed after the magazine goes to print. The designers will be putting together the outfits for the shoot that could launch a new band's career. That's exciting. Kudos to the producers on figuring out this challenge.

Bert Doesn't Fight Anyone

Team Harmony

Anthony Ryan, I thought the same thing when the teams were announced. However, everyone behaved. Scratch that. There was still some backhanded cattiness. Everyone refrained from auditioning for The Bad Girls Club and The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I've lost count. Is that two or three episodes this season where no one got into a fight?

Olivier I s His Only Client

I've come to a shocking revelation watching this episode. Olivier only want to design for himself.

No Fat Allowed

He want's super skinny coat hangers to fly down the runway. Olivier is a super skinny coat hanger. He only wants muted simple tones in his designs. Olivier only wears muted simple tones. He wants no breasts, no butts, not stomachs, and no height. Oliver has no breasts, no butt, no stomach, and no height. He's a menswear designer with a very exclusive clientele: himself. Won't be missing him next week (spoiler!).

Educational Content

I don't think I've actually picked up design tips on Project Runway since Laura Bennett was shown doing meticulous bead and feather work in Season 3. Viktor gets ten seconds to show the world how to distress denim for a vintage look. X-Acto blade plus denim equals instant vintage. Genius.

Seam-Splitting Excitement

In a Project Runway first, a model blows out the bottom of a designer's outfit.

Better luck next time, Anya. Helpful tip: don't use ribbon on menswear. Piping? Not a problem. Contrasting pattern? Sure, why not? Ribbon at the top of a pocket? Not on this planet.

I can't rank these outfits myself. They all look equally as boring and bad to me. Anya had the best concept but the execution was terrible.

Judges' Ranking:


  • Bert
  • Joshua

Winner: Viktor


  • Anya
  • Kimberly

Out: Olivier

The judges absolutely made the right decisions here. Viktor had the best made clothes on the runway and Olivier failed miserably in his wheelhouse.

Thoughts on the episode? Love to hear them. Comment below.

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