Watch: Bravest Warriors (Web Series)

Bravest Warriors is an animated web series from Pendleton Ward, the creators of Adventure Time and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack on Cartoon Network. The show follows four futuristic teenage heroes who work as soldiers for hire. They warp throughout the universe with special power suits that give them various abilities. The series has a really warped sense of humor. It's very Ren & Stimpy meets Doctor Who, only in bite-sized five to six minute episodes. I've actually cackled at each of the nine episodes so far. The show is willing to do anything for a joke. From slapstick to awkward absurdity, nothing is off limits.

Bravest Warriors Emotion LordLet's look at episode 2, "Emotion Lord." Danny, one of the heroes, becomes very ill and requires immediate surgery to recover. Out of nowhere, a crazy old man in a blue space suit appears and causes trouble. He summons space chickens, food, and even puppy dogs just because he can. Every time the crew makes progress toward saving Danny, the old man--one of the legendary Emotion Lords, traveling through space and time with the power of emotions--summons something else to destroy the crew. It's five minutes of bizarre sight gags that build to an uncontrollable explosion of silliness.

The style of Bravest Warriors is key to its success. The teenage crew has a great look and style of movement. Chris, our main hero, wears a blue suit of armor that doesn't quite fit him. The shoulders are too high, making him look far weaker than he actually is. Danny, who is kind of a jerk, wears a red suit closer to a hoodie than anything that could offer protection. Beth, a girl (the show's characterization, not mine), wears a white and green suit that actually fits her body for function. And Wallow, the largest of the warriors, wears a skin tight orange and yellow outfit that showcases his colossal form.

Bravest Warriors Character DesignEach character is equipped with oversized gauntlets or boots that give them their power. The shape and position further help to define the character silhouettes and personas in very clear ways. Chris' gloves are so large that it looks like he shouldn't be able to move them while Wallow's gloves look almost too small for his frame.

Bravest Warriors has the "everything resets" sitcom formula every episode with just the slightest hint of overriding story arcs. No matter what happens the week before, Chris, Danny, Beth, and Wallow will return to fight for the universe again. The will they or won't they relationship between Chris and Beth and the true story of the elderly Emotion Lord pop up but do not define the direction of the show. It's very early Futurama in its loose narrative framework but tight episodic structure.

You can catch Bravest Warriors on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. New episodes go up every other week. You can also follow the Tumblr that showcases all sorts of cool art, gifs, and products inspired by the show.

Here's the first episode of the show.

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