What You Missed: RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 3, Ep. 11

This week's episode was the hair battle. Call it a cop out, but there is too much going on to go into a highly detailed picture recap. 15 different hair looks walked the runway, each requiring a different angle and size to properly document here. I don't want to push back the recap a week because of the detail, so all I can say is this is a wonderful episode worth watching from start to finish. Raja won the first challenge of creating a wig out of beach party gear. Technically, she made a fascinator (think hat, but really avant garde and for special events only) out of crustaceans.

What's a Fascinator?

The main challenge was to create three hair looks: period, contemporary red carpet, and fantasy (including dress). Yara rightly won the main challenge to no one's surprise. She's a hair dresser in her other life and her wigs are always styled to perfection. Shangela went home for being a busted queen and even admitted as such in Untucked!. Worth mentioning is Manila's badass Bee outfit and her crazy idea to do "Rock Me Amadeus" as a period look. Raja also killed a 1960s Twiggy ensemble by camping it up like Gidget joining the secretarial pool.

The big moment of the episode is the surprise reveal at the end: Michelle Visage and Santino Rice are going to get to choose one eliminated contestant to rejoin the contest. I'm pulling for Mimi Imfurst as Ru had to regret cutting her to save the insomnia-inducing India Farrah, though a safer bet is Delta Work who lost out by an inch in the epic "MacArthur Park (Disco)" lip sync against Manila.

In conclusion, watch this episode. It's easily the best of the season.

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