What You Missed: RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 3, Ep. 12

It's the annual "makeover and unexpected subject into your drag family" episode and it exceeds the golden standard of Season 1's "make over really butch female athletes" edition. But first, RuPaul invites a queen back into the contest. This was supposed to be someone the judges thought was sent home too early by Ru and deserved another chance. Or, as it turns out, the queen who exposed the most skin onstage.

Again? Third time's the charm?

The mini challenge is a dunking booth. Each of the queens gets to choose a victim and try to dunk them as many times as possible in two minutes. Raja and Manila throw like girls. Carmen is laughing too hard to take it seriously. Yara scores a respectable 6 dunks of Alexis, but Alexis Mateo should be playing for a minor league team. Just look at her score.

Alexis the Powerhouse

The main challenge sees each queen paired up with a real athlete. There are two baseball players, a rugby player, a water polo player, and a basketball player. Alexis gets to pair everyone up with their athlete. She refuses to admit it's strategy, but she gives the oldest and most awkward queen to Raja and the beefiest queen to Carmen. That means Raja can't do her slinky catwalk presentation and Carmen would be stupid to expose so much body on such a muscular man.

Each contestant had to write a safe sex cheer and present cheerleading outfits on the runway as well. Yara's is especially funny for being completely incomprehensible, but so is Raja for confusing everyone with her cheer. You can watch all of the cheers at the Logo website.

The bottom two are Raja and Carmen. Carmen goes home for turning this:

Before: Human and Handsome

Into this:

After: Booger

Always a classy lady, Carmen turned the show into soft-core porn by tearing off her bikini bottom and rolling on the floor with Raja.

Naked again? Yawn. Really, Heather?

And now RuPaul has officially answered a critique from the first two seasons. Every queen in the final four has lip synced on the show before the finale, so no one has an advantage or disadvantage of experience or shock value.

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