What You Missed: RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 3, Ep. 15

While I found the season finale satisfying, the episode didn't have many great visual moments. RuPaul made her new music video for "Champion" with Raja, Manila, and Alexis.

Winner after the jump for the unspoiled.

And my girl Raja (who became my girl by default two weeks ago upon Yara's elimination, who stole the title from Delta Work, who earned the title from Mimi Imfurst, who still couldn't hold a candle to Pandora Boxx) won. Which means for the first time, pageant perfection lost to gender-fuck drag. Finally. Only took three seasons for art to win over pretty. Here she is antiquing a whole audience while performing to "Through the Fire."

Sickening, no?

Though to be fair, if the queen they call Mariah had won, I'd be fine with pageant perfection as she was a ball queen. Girl got a bad rap for being a subtle bitchy queen. If she turned it up to 11, she'd have won easily. But the true winner this season is RuPaul for having the strongest reality show of the year three years running.

I will not be recapping the reunion lest something spectacular happens. Seeing as how Michelle Visage wasn't invited, my dream wrestling match between her and Mimi Imfurst is not happening. Better luck next year.

And above all else, remember to show your creativity, uniqueness, nerve, and talent in your every day life. Bam!