What You Missed: RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 3, Ep. 5

This week, RuPaul challenged the girls to be masters of the media. In the quickfire challenge, the girls had ten minutes to create a scandalous red carpet photo-op. Three girls went with the Lohan/Britney/Janice Dickinson crotch shot, which was clever never.


Carmen, with Janet Jackson-nip slip action Stacy Layne Matthews, were named team leaders for the big challenge.

Whoopsie Doopsie

I do not see how Carmen's red carpet photo (identical to two other photos) was more shocking and tabloid worthy than Raja showing up with a busted drug-caked face.


The main challenge saw Team Stacy competing against Team Carmen to be the ultimate morning news team. A few highlights. One, they were the Morning After News Team. Two, they got awesome cheesy opening montages.

Team Stacy

Team Carmen

Three, before the runway, we learned the girls are not allowed to show Red Bull cans. Meet the not at all connected Pink Cow being modeled by the lovely Manila.

Pink Cow--No Relation

On the runway, Raja referenced Rococo and the French Revolution, yet still managed to fall into the safe (but not winning) group.


Also a surprising omission, Miss Yara Sofia finally showed us why she wears those icy blue contacts. Turns out she's a dark glamour queen.

Hat Hair

But the winner by a mile of the whole shebang was Manila Luzon. She did a horribly offensive (but fully committed) Chinese roving reporter (with flipped ls and rs) and showed up dressed as a pineapple with a hollowed out pineapple purse. Well-played boyfriend of Season 2 loser Sahara Davenport.


A boring contestant was sent home to prevent to plus-size queens from going home in a row. The essential viewing this week is Untucked, for that is where Delta Work and Raja read all the other girls to ash.