What You Missed: RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 3, Ep. 8-9

In episode 8, the girls were challenged to wear their funniest drag outfits and do stand-up for a live audience. Raja got the challenge and should have won for writing an original stand-up act (unlike Shangela who won with a bunch of tired prostitution jokes).

Raja's Carrie Routine Slayed

Manila did not.

Manila's Tired Sesame Street

Shangela won for doing a bunch of tired prostitution jokes, while Delta went home for failing to live up to expectations as a queen. You can't come into this contest as the well known drag club emcee with a wicked wit and do a sadsack comedy routine. You just can't. And thus ends the legacy of the season of big girls, not with a bang, but an airbrushed whimper.

Delta Doesn't Work

However, any episode that gives us Yara acting like a maniac, running on her knees pretending to be a little person, is a great episode.

In episode 9, Ru got to live out her Wonder Woman fantasies defending herself against a barrage of imaginary bullets from Manila's entry in the bra couture challenge.

ATTACK!Not a chance

The main challenge was a thing of beauty. The girls had to create PSAs for the troops overseas. What we got was a flurry of sparkling red, white, and blue spandex that must be seen to be believed.

Alexis won with a bizarre and campy take on Americana, complete with a shout out to her down-low military boyfriend.

Yara was called out for being absolutely insane. This is what they have praised about her every week and now it's a problem? They hated her PSA,

they compared the national dance costume of Puerto Rico to a snuggie,

Yara Baile!

and they hated her one piece patriotic surprise.

Yara Baile!

In the greatest act of foresight I've ever seen on the show, RuPaul had the bottom two queens--Yara and Carmen--lipsync to the Spanish version of Tony Basil's "Mickey." It's as magical as it sounds.

And in her greatest act of producer-created manipulation, RuPaul doesn't send either girl home. I smell a double elimination of Carmen and one other queen next week, as she has been clinging to this contest by the tips of her fake nails.