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Little Evil Review (Film, 2017)

Content warning: Little Evil features a scene about suicide in reference to another horror film.

Little Evil is a horror-comedy film about the evil child horror genre. Yes, the film is an evil child film, specifically an antichrist film. At its core, it’s a tribute to the absurdity of the genre. Done right, it’s terrifying; done wrong, it’s ridiculous; done like this, it’s a risk.

Fear, Inc. Review (Film, 2016) #31DaysofHorror

Scream sent the American horror industry in a very different direction upon its release. Forget about the resurgence of teen slashers in its wake or the stunt casting of a bigger name for the sole purpose of a shocking murder scene. The lasting influence still felt over 20 years later is self-referential horror. Scream is not the first horror film to mention other horror films, but it is the first that hinges on a knowledge of horror films and the most successful to do so. If you want to dive deep into self-referential horror now, you need to do something brand new with it.

What We Do in the Shadows Review (Film, 2015) #31DaysofHorror

I have a soft spot in my heart for horror mockumentaries. There’s just something so enjoyable for me about a horror film that takes the extra step of setting itself up as an investigation of elements of the genre. I like the terrifying, serious ones like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer or hybrid documentary/mockumentary S&Man. I also like the ridiculous slapstick ones like Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon or even the Werner Herzog-voiced cryptid feature Incident at Loch Ness. Horror requires a suspension of disbelief to buy into the concepts. A documentary style layered on top is a distancing device that can make everything feel either more intimate or more ridiculous.

The Cleanse Review (Film, 2018) #31DaysofHorror

Some of the simplest sources for a horror film are different or twisted perspectives on common occurrences. Gremlins is ultimately a film about bringing home a pet as a gift for a loved one. The Conjuring is about the fear of the monster hiding in the closet. The Shining is about anxiety from staying in a hotel far away from home. Little things we take for granted can be terrifying with the right perspective.

The Cleanse is a horror comedy about cleanses.

The Happytime Murders Review (Film, 2018)

A pretty common flaw in edgy adult humor films is equating shock value--unexpectedly sexual moments, gore, drug abuse, violence, etc.--with mature humor. These gross out moments do not automatically something funny or edgy. They often just distract from the rest of the film.

The Happytime Murders, conceptually, derives most of its humor from this kind of situation. The comedy is look at puppets do drugs, solicit sex, or get brutally murdered. There's not much depth beyond that in the humor. It's the major flaw of the film and, frankly, enough to not recommend watching the film.