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Epic Games is Launching Its Own Digital Game Store in 2019

It’s a wonderful time to be a PC gamer. Steam gives you access to thousands upon thousands of games in a one stop shop for digital downloads. That’s on top of the still thriving browser game industry (even seeing a resurgence with all the .IO sites, like or, proprietary sellers like Ubisoft’s UPlay or EA’s Origin, and smaller competitors like or Humble Bundle offering DRM-free downloads. Steam is still king because of ease of use and variety of games.

Don't Starve: Hamlet in Early Access

Don’t Starve, Klei Entertainment’s dark and whimsical survival horror game, is a game I return to again and again. Even the original base game provided hours of playtime. You play as one of several characters dropped into a randomly generated cartoon hellscape with no supplies and a warning that you look hungry. You gather supplies—rocks, twigs, grass—to build tools that let you break rocks, chop down trees, build fire, and cook food you scavenge. You continue gathering resources from there, dealing with the sometimes friendly, often times deadly local wildlife.

Call of Cthulhu Review (Game, 2018)

Call of Cthulhu is an adventure game with RPG elements based on the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG from Chaosium Inc. The Call of Cthulhu universe is inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft, one of the most influential and problematic weird fiction authors of all time. He created this vast universe of monstrous beings from another realm that consume you with madness until you destroy everyone and everything around you. He was also an incredibly paranoid man who wrote extremely harmful things thanks to his xenophobia and a legitimate hatred and fear of anyone not like the people he grew up around in his hometown. The pop culture understanding and enduring legacy of Lovecraft is not based on what he actually wrote but on the ideas he wrote and permitted other writers to expand upon in their own stories. Call of Cthulhu finds a way to confront the darker side of Lovecraft’s legacy head-on through context and perspective.

Dead by Daylight Mid-Chapter Patch 2.3.0 #31DaysofHorror

Behaviour Interactive, the developers behind asymmetrical 4v1 survival horror game Dead by Daylight, are consistently making good on a series of promises they made half a year ago. Once they made an agreement to buy back full rights to their own game, they promised to roll out regular updates to improve and change the game throughout the year. Essentially, we’re supposed to get four new chapters—DLC updates featuring a new killer, a new survivor, and a new map—and four mid-chapter patches over the next year. So far, we’ve seen the introduction of the Clown, Kate Denson, the Spirit, Adam Francis, a cosmetics shop, and a total revamp of in-game currency.

Dead by Daylight Chapter IX: Shattered Bloodline Review (Game DLC, 2018)

Behaviour Interactive, the developers of asymmetrical 4v1 survival horror game Dead by Daylight, have been working very hard to meet their stated timeline of a new chapter (DLC release) every quarter. This is a pretty grueling timeline for a comparatively small studio, especially since the game needs to update on PC, XBox One, and PS4. Every step back (like the Playstation store rejecting the Chapter VIII DLC for weeks after the PC and XBox launches) makes them work harder to prove that their fans deserve their trust. Each update always brings fixes, even if some of those fixes might throw something else out of whack.

A quick recap for those who might be unfamiliar with Dead by Daylight. This game pits a team of four survivors against one killer in a survival horror match. The survivors have to power five generators, unlock one of two exit gates, and escape before being killed. The killer has to track, attack, and hook the survivors to sacrifice them before they all escape. You earn bloodpoints for everything you do in the game and use those points to level up your character, adding new perks (special abilities), items, and offerings that impact how each match is played.