Betty Blue Eyes

Sigh. Why can't we get sugary sweet little shows about big fat pigs and financial crises in America?

How great does that animatronic pig look? I know it's impossible to judge a show based off a series of highlight clips like this, but I've seen enough to realize that this pig is impressive. The costumes look period appropriate and the choreography very high energy. I'd like to have heard more of the vocal score rather than a bunch of underscoring and out of context video, but the music sounds pretty good.

I'm almost positive a show this British (the selling point is austerity Britain) has no chance of transferring to Broadway (rumor has it it's not doing great business anyway). But now I'm craving something syrupy, fluffy, and pretty and I don't think Lysistrata Jones or that looming Annie revival is going to cut it for me.

What's on your mind theatrically at the moment? Anything good running near you? Rumors about film adaptations or scandals? Spill it. The next best thing to watching both of the Babe films back to back right now is some good theater gossip.

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