Dual-Language Aladdin Stage Musical

I love a great, creative take on the American musical. Houston's Theater Under the Stars has obtained a trial license to perform a new stage adaptation of Disney's Aladdin. The show will incorporate both English and Spanish as a stylistic and educational tool:

"The classic enchantment of Aladdin  is made fresh in this innovative dual language production. Aladdin speaks only English, Jasmine speaks only Spanish and Jafar speaks both languages – bringing new life to familiar songs. Raja the tiger and Abu the monkey act as translators for the young couple. Genie, the Sultan, Iago and all of your favorite characters come to life on the stage!"

The production is based on Music Theatre International's Disney's Aladdin Jr. license, which is part of their popular series of Jr. shows. These are designed for younger performers to participate in age appropriate, family friendly musicals. The Jr. shows began with Disney properties, though they have begun to expand to already established vehicles, like Annie and Honk.

I appreciate the efforts of MTI and Disney to develop youth theater opportunities. However, I wish the Disney corporation would actually hurry up the development of that Aladdin stage musical they've been working on since the film came out. They chose Tarzan to push into development over Aladdin? Much like the dead in the water Hunchback musical, Aladdin seems to have stalled out in theme park limbo. I guess making the stage adaptation of High School Musical 3 is too big a guarantee not to focus on.

Review: À l'intérieur (Inside) 2007

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