Hectic Day

It's a hectic day today.

I've been running all over NJ and NY trying to make sure I'm ready for the HS Theater Awards tonight.

I'm hoping my students that are performing safely arrive for their 4:00 call. I'm hoping there aren't any other issues with the sheet music and that, God bless 'em, their music directors can actually make sense of the disastrous score of All Shook Up.

I'm praying that my suspicions are wrong and leaving an hour before the awards start gives the bus full of non-performing nominees and families enough time to be seated and comfortable and not result in us walking in late.

And I'm really hoping the students take to heart what I explained to them about the nomination being the actual honor in this case and that they behave better than the last awards ceremony they went to. Dear God, don't let them boo other schools this time or act like drunken sports fans.

Above all else, I hope that my principal finally understands just what, exactly, a quality theater program looks like and that he'll possibly maybe stop stealing all of our money to buy light up signs and benches for the sports teams.

And if I hear one more person bitch that Aaron Tveit clearly should have been nominated for the Tony for Featured Actor in a Musical, I'll scream. If only they could jump in that time machine and join my cries from the nomination announcement on that one, I'd be happy.

In conlusion, the Tony's have taken their first victim: Reasons to be Pretty is closing on June 14. My money's on Rock of Ages going next, followed by Guys and Dolls.

Actually, the real conclusion: I have a strong feeling that if Bea Arthur didn't pass away, they would have trotted her out with Angela Lansbury to be part of the Jerry Herman tribute last night.

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Happy Tony Day!