In HS Theater News...

Sorry for the no-posting of yesterday. I had work obligations. Here's some miscellaneous thoughts on how wonderful my job will be next year:

  1. The new teacher picked a fall show that does not allow for double casting but does permit her to cast everyone who auditions. God bless comedia del arte.
  2. She wants to go with over the top comedy that does not rely on stereotype. For example, there is clearly a gay character in the play described as "effeminate" but she wants to make sure he's a real person, not a one-note gag.
  3. The students have to sign a contract explaining how they will be thrown out of the play and replaced immediately, no questions asked, if they don't show up to rehearsal.
  4. She wants to do Anything Goes as the spring musical.
  5. I get to teach a Cole Porter show.
  6. The students get to do a real show score for the first time in four years (seriously, I'm not joking: High School Musical, then Aida, then All Shook Up).
  7. I may have just gotten my best friend hired as a tap dancing tutor for the drama department.
  8. I can be involved with the fall play and still audition for and land a role in an upcoming production of Bat Boy: The Musical.

Ok, that last one is just bragging. I will be auditioning for one of my favorite musicals of all time, Bat Boy, in less than a month. I've never worked with this theater group before though they have a great reputation. I'm pushing myself to give the strongest audition I can even though I highly doubt I will be cast as the title role. Still, it's not too often that Bat Boy gets performed around these parts and I will not allow myself to play the "What if?" guilt game over this one. When done with a cast of 10 actors, there is no bad part in the show. I may not even get cast.

Off to delve into Cole Porter land for the first time in years.

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