Pro/Con: Memphis: A New Musical

Apologies. I don't know where my Where the Wild Things Are review went. I really don't. I posted it late afternoon yesterday and...nothing. I'll get up a new one some time this week.

Onto more pressing matters.

The new musical Memphis opened on Broadway last night and I'm really torn. To help me through this conundrum, I figured I can analyze its potential in a series of pro and con points.

Pro: If nothing else, book writer Joe DiPietro is extremely thoughtful. I mean, he based All Shook Up on an amalgam of Shakespeare and 80s Rock films.

Con: Joe DiPietro wrote the book of All Shook Up. You know, that Elvis jukebox groaner that limped onto Broadway a few years ago.

Pro: David Bryan of Bon Jovi wrote the music. He also worked with Joe DiPietro on the raucous Toxic Avenger musical still running strong Off-Broadway.

Con: Lots of people hate the Toxic Avenger musical because of the book, and score, and cast, and content...

Pro: An original rock musical on Broadway not adapted from an existing play/film/novel/painting/poem/memoir or culled together from ASCAP's discount file? How novel.

Con: An original rock musical that treads on all the same ground as Hairspray and All Shook Up and countless films: popular music and Civil Rights.

Pro: Seth Rudetsky claims the show is a stunner thanks to the cast of able dancers and excellent singers.

Con: The NYTimes hates it. HATES it.

Pro: Everyone else seems to love it.

Ok. So maybe we can give the creator of All Shook Up another chance, yes?

Just check out the Word of Mouth review from

I hope it lasts long enough to get a cast recording. I'm still not as sold as I probably should be. I need to hear more of the music to get a better handle on the approach of the show before putting up the money for tickets.

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