Watch: Side by Side by Susan Blackwell: 2012 Tony Winners

Susan Blackwell has really grown to be a great interviewer. For her to take on the monumental task of interviewing all the winners backstage at the Tony Awards is one thing. To do it while maintaining her trademark wit is quite another. It always feels like Susan is best friends forever with whoever sits next to her. Capturing non-performers right after receiving the highest award in theater is a great way to make them drop their guard. Sure, you find out that Susan actually does know Christian Borle. We already know she's spent time with Audra McDonald.

But what about getting food for Jeff Croiter or helping Paloma Young dish about high school disappointments? Susan Blackwell's ability to put seemingly anyone at ease and make them laugh with her is admirable. This video is a must watch montage of super happy people laughing at the absurdity of awards season while being cheered on by a big theater supporter.

And when I said "seemingly anyone," I meant anyone but Sutton Foster. Not a fan of being licked on the cheek, that one.

Favorite moments from the video? I never thought I'd see Judy Kaye call herself a blithering idiot when she wasn't in character. Sound off below with your thoughts.

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