Are You Watching Hair Battle Spectacular?

If no, why not? It's a slick, fun, well-produced reality show featuring talented hair professionals doing ridiculous things. It's like if every week on Project Runway was the unconventional material challenge and all the contestants had to have a license to design. If the promise of hair art done by professionals in wacky themes isn't enough for you, how about the elimination round concept. The stylists are paired up in a boxing ring. They have to hype up the crowd as much as possible as they sell the story of the hair on their model's head and the whole look from head to toe. The models then face off against each other--circling each other, making faces, pushing each other--before the judges decide who is the winner based on different criteria. Derek J judges the hairstyle and execution. Rachel Zoe's former assistant Taylor Jacobson judges the overall style of the look, focusing on the balance between the hair, make-up, and outfit/accessories. And a guest judge makes his or her ruling based on the specific design challenge.

Derek J? You don't know who Derek J is? Did you not see Good Hair, Chris Rock's amazing documentary about the African American hair industry? Shame on you. Add that to your Netflix DVD queue right now, watch it, and join me on team "how did Good Hair get no awards traction."

But I digress. Derek J is a flamboyant fantasy hair stylists who competes on the hair show circuit. He was the guy who surrounded the stage with a marching band in Good Hair to put on the best show possible. He's talented, he's smart, he's funny, and he insists on walking around in super high heels.

A big improvement this season on Hair Battle Spectacular is the replacement of Brooke Burns. While Burns wasn't a bad host, she didn't bring a lot of personality to the show. Cycle 3 America's Next Top Model winner Eva "Diva" Marcille is a natural at hosting. She has a great presence about her and has a good connection with Derek J. Plus, anyone that lets me reference the most bizarre moment of melodrama in the history of ANTM is ok in my book. Hey Eva, are you going to cry out "banana" when the eliminated contestants walk off without saying a word?

That never gets old.

Tonight is going to be the third episode of Hair Battle Spectacular, season 2. Will you be watching? Sound off below.


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