The Good Old Days: Bette Davis Tries to Sing

I have a feeling nighttime talk shows were much more fun in the early TV era. The stars would show up, ham it up for the audience, and trade witty barbs at the host. It was like everyone was best friends and nothing could possibly be wrong. Promotion, while the obvious motivator for appearing, doesn't seem to have been as blatant. Maybe the host would bring up a new film, book, or record during the interview, and the promo would be over and done with in under a minute. The star would even joke about the promotion. This leads me to a great video of Bette Davis camping it up with two big song numbers on The Andy Williams Show. She trades barbs with the host about her role in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? and trades gag gifts with the host. It's a hoot. Prepare yourself: singing was not the master thespian's greatest skill. She sells these two songs anyway with style and humor.

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