The Walking Dead Season 2 Promo

I got into The Walking Dead after it finished its first season run. It's not that I wasn't interested in the show; I was. I actually have the first comic, signed, in my collection from when the creator was doing early promotion on the horror convention circuit. It's a great concept. It's just that I couldn't stay up late enough at the time to keep up with the series live. The first episode (stupidly) premiered on Halloween*, so that I had to catch up on an encore presentation. It was good. But the next week, I was too tired and there was no place to catch the reruns online. AMC has been big on not streaming its shows online after they air, which is an odd choice when most other networks air the episode then release it to streaming within 48-72 hours of the premiere.

Does it matter? We have a promo for season 2. It's horribly not safe for work due to massive zombie head trauma. It's also an uninterrupted 40 second scene that gets me very excited for the show.

*Stupid because many of the people online who were pimping the series were home haunters. We're booked all night on Halloween and that's when you choose to premiere the show?

So, are you going to watch like me? Worried about anything? Complaints and concerns from the first season? Sound off below.

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