The Walking Dead Weekend

If you're like me, you haven't seen all of The Walking Dead yet. There could be any number of reasons. For example, AMC premiered the show on Halloween. Home haunters were a little preoccupied with keeping trick or treaters from dying in their yards to watch the premiere live. I know I fell behind instantly. At this point, I've seen most of season one and the last few minutes a few season two episodes. There is officially no excuse not to catch up before Season 3 premieres. AMC has announced that 7-8 July is The Walking Dead Weekend. They will be airing a marathon of all 19 episodes so far. The event caps off with a one-two punch of never before seen content.

The Walking Dead Weekend Fan ServiceFirst is the one time only airing of a live Talking Dead special. Chris Hardwick hosts a rotating panel of guest commentators who do recaps of The Walking Dead after the episode airs. What I've seen of Talking Dead is the kind of nerdy analysis I specialize in over here at Sketchy Details.

More important is the special black and white cut of the original pilot. The episode has been edited to match the look and style of The Walking Dead comic. That's a genius move to pull fans back in. Season 2 was criticized for losing focus on the story. Why not buy the fans back with pure comic fan baiting?

Will you be tuning in? I've already blocked out my schedule. Sound off below.

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