Who Will Win America's Got Talent?

America's Got Talent has not officially cemented its Semifinals yet. That does not happen until Wednesday night, when we know what four acts move on from the Wild Card round. However, I am willing to go out on a limb and predict who I believe has the potential to win this competition. Here are the five acts I believe have the most potential to win the competition: who they are, what they do, and their best performance of the season so far. After the introduction, I choose my winner and explain how they other four acts could win.

Those Funny Little People

My first choice is my boldest. Why? Because Those Funny Little People aren't officially in the Semifinals yet. They have to rely on the Wild Card round to advance.

Here's the thing about Those Funny Little People: they have become social media masters. They are playing the Twitter game better than any other act. They respond to everyone who tweets at them, in character, and constantly promote themselves. They have spawned multiple fan clubs and are genuinely talented.

Those Funny Little People are the best puppetry act the show has ever had.* Why are they the best? Because they refuse to reveal their human identities. They are full-bodied puppets of elves from the North Pole. They lip-sync and do awesome choreography to character driven songs. Their audition was to "Ice, Ice Baby" and they introduced the elusive Lola in Las Vegas performing "Whatever Lola Wants." Piers hates them, Sharon views them the same way I do--impressive campy fun, and Howie promotes them above all else because Piers genuinely hates them.

None of that matters. If they top their "Singin' In the Rain/It's Raining Men" mash-up (they will) from their Quarterfinal performance five weeks ago, they'll be on the fast track to the finale.

Lys Agnes

I boldly claimed during Lys Agnes' Quarterfinals performance that she gave the best operatic audition in the history of the show. I stand by it. She created a beautiful stage image to put the focus on her performing the music. She's an incredibly talented operatic soprano with a legitimate sob story and a great look. She performs harder opera music than anyone in the history of the show and actually understands that opera is a form of acting while singing.

This is what I called the best opera audition in the history of the show. Embrace the beauty of it.


Silhouettes are the youth dance company that pandered to America with their live show performance. While I was disgusted by their "we'll show you what it's like to actually love America" and 9/11 imagery, I still have to concede they have a great dance act. They perform behind a scrim, forming different shapes and living scenes for an audience. It's breathtaking when it's done right and incredibly difficult.

This is their initial audition, which is beautiful and sentimental.

Team iLuminate

Team iLuminate have the most visually striking act on the show. They are another dance group, but they perform with LED clothing. Meaning, the stage is dark except for the light show the programmer/choreographer has built around the dance. It's breathtaking. Acts like this always do well on the show. Because it's based around dance, they can't possibly run out of routines. Change out the music and switch out the costumes and they have a new act.

This is their first audition, one of the best open call auditions this season.

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Landau Eugen Murphy, Jr. is the unexpected crooner. America's Got Talent pushed him as this surprisingly great singer doing an unexpected style. It was a stupid story arc but America mostly bought it. He is a talented crooner and America loves a good male solo singer. He fits that slot better than anyone else on the show.

Here's his Quarterfinals performance that I thought was just cool, laid back, and commanding.

Who Will Win?

Honestly, I'm betting on Lys Agnes. Singers have dominated this show every season. Opera singers almost always make the finals (Jackie Evancho and Prince Poppycock last year, Barbara Padilla two years ago, Neal E. Boyd winning three years ago) and a singer has won every season (Terry Fator was an impressionist/singer). With the big push of Jackie Evancho over the past year, I could see Lys Agnes benefiting by default.

I also think that Team iLuminate and Silhouettes will make the final 4/5, while Those Funny Little People will make the round before with Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. I can't see them all making the final 4/5. I can see a situation where Silhouettes or Team iLuminate win, and that's if no other singing act makes the final 4/5. Landau can win if he's the only singer. Those Funny Little People win if their fans on Twitter and Facebook actually come through and vote.

But my money is on Lys Agnes.

Who do you think will win? Sound off.

*Forgive me, Max and company, for I have to explain the truth to promote you.

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