You Better Watch: The Sing-Off

I hope I'm merely preaching to the choir here. The Sing-Off is the best singing competition on TV. Period. Full stop. Pause. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. If you like music, you need to tune in. This is the first season that the show is actually opening during the fall season. The past two years, it's been a short-run filler series around Christmas time. If you want good music competitions to stay on TV, you need to tune in. If the ratings suck, the show is done.

Here's my favorite group from the first season killing it on a barbershop quartet.

Here are the season one winners.

My favorite group from season two giving the young ones a lesson in vocal technique and performance.

And the second season winners.

Are you feeling me? Do you get the picture? Tune in tonight, for tomorrow, The Sing-Off recaps return. When last we left off, I was about to reach through the TV screen with a megaphone and yell at Nicole Scherzinger to shut up. Thank goodness she was replaced (see: quit to do the US X-Factor). I did season one recaps, too, but I'll be damned if I know where they're published. I probably ghostwrote them and then told the site I wanted credit, resulting in the shift to here.

Regardless, watch. Are you setting your TIVO yet? Clearing your schedule? Good. Tune in tonight, 8PM on NBC.

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