A Swinging Weekend, or the Downside of Sewing

There exists a distinct disadvantage to sewing in today's society: people assume you'll do work for them. Not only that, they assume you can do work you've never even considered or had an inclination to try.

Case in point: I have been given a mission for the weekend. I have no choice but to accept it, either. I have to construct a hammock. From a painter's tarp. WTF?

If my family wants a hammock done right, they should let me know so I can pick up appropriately strengthed breathable material, supplies for decorative accents, and rope tha can hold up more than a few sheets.

I have no problem doing functional design. It's the basis of my custom sewing business. I take issue when people force elements on me.

The last time this force of material happened, I sent four hours hand stitching a mic stand cover out of sub-gold-lamé fabric only to be told by the director she wanted it wrapped around and duct-taped. "Don't hide the mic stand" she said, after being given the instruction to "Hide, disguise, whatever. Just make it look right."

So, yeah. A hammock out of a painter's tarp to cater to a plus size customer. This can't end well.

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