Apologies for a Copout and DEAR Rec: Rosemary's Baby

Sorry for the late posting. Maybe this photo will explain:

No? What about a close-up? How about the whole crime scene? My '89 Mustang popped out of gear in the driveway while I was climbing out. The door and car hit me six or seven times and almost ran me over when I fell. The giant gouged out dirt hole is where the door got the resistance to smash me over and over again. The car then rolled across the street into the neighbors driveway. The only thing that stopped their car from being destroyed was that small bump of dirt in the third picture. The door hinge is destroyed and the front left body of the car has popped out of joint.

I'm in pain (24 hours later on extra strength Tylenol  from my left shoulder to my right ankle. Thankfully, the car is supposed to be fixed later this afternoon. No word yet on when my body won't feel like I'm Bruce Willis in Unbreakable - inconceivably beaten up with no significant injuries, not even a scratch on me, when smaller men probably would have been hurt pretty badly.

Update: Here's the repaired car:

The door does open and close, so no climbing through the window or passenger side for me. So excuse the recycling from an older article I wrote when Ira Levin died.

DEAR Rec: Rosemary's Baby Available in eighty gazillion editions, with or without Mia Farrow on the cover. And just think: in a few years, Renee Zelwigger (or someone else totally wrong for the character) will be on the cover in anticipation of Michael Bay's remake....err...re-adaptation. Not that Roman Polanski left anything in the book on the cutting room floor when he edited the film, dialogue included.

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