Book Rec: Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth by Adrienne Rich

I really am planning something special for the missed Midnight Rec. I just need a bit more time. How bout them Golden Globes, huh? Lots of unexpected treats, right? Woo? Book Rec: Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth by Adrienne Rich Substitute this title for your favorite Rich collection if you don't care for this one. All of them are better than most, anyway. If you've been to college, you've probably encountered Aunt Jennifer's Tigers. You know, the very depressing poem about the woman weighed down by a dull marriage that will drag her down into a grave, so she does needlecraft tigers to be truly free? There's a lot more to Adrienne Rich than that anthology standard, that's for sure. What sets Telephone Ringing... apart from some of her other collections is the approach to the material. This collection is based more in possibility. It's not dealing in anger or outrage, just life. The poetry is mostly paired down to short lines and evolving imagery. In a way, it's quite similar to her earlier poems in form. The big difference is how open they are. While the ideas are certainly contained in a logical way, they don't feel restrained. There's depth to the poetry, but it's more readily accessible than, say, the bubbling intensity of Living in Sin. You don't have to wonder if something is happening with the milkman because everything is out in the open. If you haven't experienced a Rich collection, you'd be in for a treat with this one. The paperback is coming out in May if you want to hold out for a lower price tag, but I say it's completely worth it even at the 23.85+tax list price on the hardcover.

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