Coming Later Tonight

Forgive the non-postage of yet, I spent two hours this morning (5-7) getting ready to just make it to work on time (7:30) where I then pulled kids from cars, decorated, taught music, lunched, taught music, and push parents into parking spots (finish time 4). I then got stuck in about 20 minutes of traffic on my way to Radio Shack to pick up a replacement camera cable ($24? DMY) and am currently photo-shopping the shit out of a headshot that looked much better two days ago. I have about 60 minutes to get all my stuff together before taking a quick shower and heading out the door to audition for Rent. All to get home, go to sleep, and get up at 5 tomorrow so I don't start slacking on my morning workouts.

So, yeah, I'll probably toss something more substantial up later.

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