Halloween on the Brain

Listen, I get it. It's August. Most of you don't start thinking about Halloween until October. Me? I normally have plans fully drafted before the SuperBowl reaches the big halftime show. I'm flying blind this year with general ideas and I love it so far.

For novice haunters who might get it stuck in their head they want to start playing early: Monster List, Haunt Project - two best how-to compendiums on the web. Monster List has more things then you imagined possible, while Haunt Project only posts projects that have reference photos.

And for those that need more of a store-bought incentive, how about moving lit airblown dancing zombies around an organist?

Or what about a pirate ship with lights and sound effects?


And then there's those fancy synchronized Halloween light shows that are picking up in popularity:

No? Oh well. It was worth a try.

Sounds Like A Triple Score to Me

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