Happy Tony Day!

It's my Christmas, Easter, and Arbor Day all rolled up in one, people! Let me have my fun!

Have you put your bets in yet on your local Tony pool?

Have you decked the halls with your favorite playbills? Designed your perfect buffet menu for the ceremony? Stocked up on tophats and glittery gloves for when you sing and dance along with the nominees?

No? Yeah, neither have I.

Still, it's turning out to be a whole bunch of tight races tonight which is interesting. Don't expect a sweep from any one show. I mean, there are people voting for Next to Normal solely so they aren't responsible for Billy Elliot winning!

Alice Ripley is the closest thing to a lock the entire night. That's it.

It's pretty safe to say that some of the headier shows - Reasons to Be Pretty especially - probably won't fare as well this year. Though I still won't back off from Next to Normal winning Best Musical. Even if the NYTimes is right and the voters really like, but don't love, the show, that's still better than the other three nominees that have plenty to hate.

Now what, exactly, is Doogie going to do if he doesn't want to draw the focus away from the nominees but is going to perform a song? The mind, it boggles.

More importantly, which current off-Broadway hit will be the next misguided transfer to Broadway? I'm pulling for The Toxic Avenger for the sheer, audacious, wtf are we doing factor, though Coraline's ticket sales are very strong. We'll have to see what the next great misguided flop is.

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