How to Rub Salt in a Wound

I figured I would be cut considering the inordinate amount of tall people there I knew, from experience, could sing. I'm not upset over that (maybe a smidge upset that some of the people I know who got callbacks have trouble walking a straight line when sober, when they showed up at an audition that required all but one character to move very well). And I guess, at least here, a nice, blasted, unpersonalized, accidentally-able to see how many other people were cut with you e-mail IS the standard.

I'm upset that my recovery time is another 8 hour day of playing Hannah Montana and Demi Lovato music to 2nd graders at a sports camp to see how they respond to my style of teaching. Dear Lord, help me.

Palette cleansing. Palette cleansing. Palette cleansing.

I know:

And this one:

And a banger for the road:

Better. Not perfect, but better. Let me throw some more Debussy on my mp3 player and maybe even some Sun Ra just for kicks.

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