It's Back: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2 Teaser Ads

What do you mean I swore I'd never discuss this show again on this blog? That doesn't sound like me. Why would I discourage discussion of one of the better competitive reality shows to come out in years? Oh that's right: it's a drag queen reality show on Logo and I'm straight. I'm not supposed to like it.


Sorry, blacked out there from rolling my eyes too much.

The show is still very much on the horizon, but perhaps we can see land after floating in a less than fabulous, Cameroooooonless ocean for too long.

RuPaul posted a teaser poster for the new season. It's adorable:

SURPRISE! A true drag fairy tale from RuPaul... Click link for a mystery surprise from Season 2...!

And today another poster.

So we're going to see the progression from child to man to woman for all of the contestants. Except for the one with no baby pictures: we see that contestant grow from smiley face to man to woman.

Sorry for the cheap short post. It would have been a review of Precious if the furnace repair guy hadn't shown up an hour and a half late beyond a two hour window. First call of the day my keister.

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