Midnight Rec: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Hey, did you know it was Saturday today? I sure as hell didn't. Hence the late post. Apologies of the most sincere variety are due. Midnight Rec: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy What happens when a twisted cartoonist gets to make a show about an evil girl, a stupid boy, and their contractually bound friend forever the Grim Reaper? About the best animated series that may or may not still be in production, that's what. It's funny. It's filled with references to mythology, religion, and ancient cultures. And it's very, very dark. Plus, it has killer musical sequences. Like one of my favorite pop songs, Brains. I really wanted to include a clip of the pageant episode, where Mandy smiling destroys the known universe (after a somber death march of a Somewhere Over the Rainbow, complete with flying baloon, checkered dress, and cute dog), but it's only available grainy and in Spanish. Matilda? Give me a break. Check the show out if you don't already watch it. Guaranteed to provide a tiny bit of awesome in every watch.

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