Mina Loy: Part 2

Sorry this is coming 14 hours later than usual. I had a 10 page paper due today, written in two installments: 4:30-7:45 AM, and 11:30-1:45 PM. Fill 8:00-11:15 and 2:00-5:30 with class, then 5:35-9:45 with rehearsal and there you have it. That and the proselytizing for votes. Have you voted for Horror 101 yet using that nifty banner over on the right? I'll still be up half the night catching up on this kind of thing. Due to time constraints, I will be doing the Saturday topic today and saving the big bang of explosive prose for Saturday. Mina Loy: Part 2 I already introduced you to the Jesus on Clothesline mixed media piece Mina Loy did. Stunning, yes? That was much later in her career, though the influence of Futurism is still apparent. I really like Futurist art, especially when it straddles multiple styles. Take, for example, this gorgeous Cubo-Futurist hybrid: Or what of this lovely example of early Italian Futurism from Severini: And you can't forget Futurist film, the earliest of which comes from Anton Bragaglia: I'm cutting it short, people. Apologies all around. I need sleep.

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